The Benefits of After Market High Performance Exhaust Systems

After market high performance exhaust systems could be the best thing to happen to you and your car. In addition to increasing the performance of the car, it also adds to the style of it, with its low roar- a sound that is sure to earn you fame and distinguish you from everyone else.

The exhaust system in a car can be compared to the respiratory stem of a human being. Different gases that result because of the working of the engine must be given a way to exit the machinery. This is usually done by providing a passageway though the exhaust tubing of the vehicle. Just like a human being would suffocate if carbon di oxide does not regularly leave the lungs, the engine of the car will suffocated if gases stay blocked in it for long period of time.

In order for engines to work efficiently and to the best of their ability, it is important for the exhaust piping to be of a larger diameter so gases can exit the engine rapidly and with minimal restriction. This is the first and most important benefit that you will gain by replacing a factory fitted exhaust system with an aftermarket high performance exhaust system.

Because of a relatively larger diameter of piping that comes with a factory fitted exhaust, there is less pressure of the exhaust fumes which increases the horse power. But, a disadvantage of this is that a larger bore size of the pipe slows down the movement of the gases and reduces performance. Therefore, it is important to choose an optimum bore size for the pipe and not just the biggest and widest one available. The bore size should be chosen depending on the type of engine and the RPM produced.

Another problem that arises out of using factory fitted exhausts is the manufacture of a crush bent exhaust tubing which results in several spiral rings around the exhaust piping. This in turn causes the diameter to become uneven and ultimately prevents gases from passing through without restriction.  On the other hand, installing a high performance exhaust will ensure that the diameter is even because it contains a mandrel bent exhaust piping. This type of piping ensures that the diameter of the pipe is constant and even throughout.

In conclusion, it is more advantageous to replace your factory given exhaust system with a high performance sports cat back exhaust system. When doing this, you should be careful to choose a size of exhaust tubing that is not too big or not too small, and is optimum for your requirements and the RPM of the car. A general tip that can be used is ensuring that the big pipes are connected to smaller pipes along the entire exhaust system in a cone shape, ensuring that the gases can exit with a greater velocity. If you are worried about the exhaust system of your car causing noise, you can muffle this sound using aftermarket mufflers.


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