Citroën’s style future development and simpleness

We think that cars have become overcomplicated as well as overdesigned. The Cactus M is about the nature of simpleness. All the very best old Citroën possess a romantic feeling for them: the 2CV, the actual Méhari, the actual DS, the vehicle dvd, the actual android vehicle GPS. That’s exactly what we’re attempting to recapture right here.

Cars have become more complex yes, however don’t presume everyone desires more devices. My youthful designers within their 20s tend to be buying ‘young-timers’ within their spare period – ’80s as well as ’90s vehicles like Porsche 944s. These people appreciate easy pleasures. If all of us do include technology such as safety features to the range, they ought to operate through car dvd and blu-ray player seamlessly within the background.

We’ve created the Cactus M round the surfer way of life: we talked to actual surfers plus they loved icons such as the VW Combi as well as our aged Méhari seaside buggy. However why shouldn’t contemporary cars position into people’s life styles too? I really hope in future we are able to offer gm routing for much more niches, so clients don’t have to visit aftermarket providers like Thule to transport their surfboards as well as bicycles. We ought to be providing for the customers’ requirements.

Airbump is a good example of design as well as engineering working together. The design team created the idea originally as well as had absolutely no idea how it may work within production. It might have been inflatable or perhaps a special materials – however the engineers proceeded to go away and managed to get work. Individuals either adore Airbump or even hate this. We will still develop the actual technology consist of android vehicle gps, however it won’t function on each and every new Citroën shifting forwards. It splits opinion an excessive amount of.

We adore pushing the designs towards the limits, but we must be restricted by financial reality. Headlamps are very good example: we can perform amazing points with BROUGHT lights, but 1 LED costs a lot more than six lights. There’s absolutely no point creating something that’s likely to add €500 towards the retail cost if this puts the vehicle out associated with reach associated with its standard customers.

Innovation is actually what Citroën is about. The DS notoriously pushed the actual boundaries and thus did the actual Traction Avant – among the first cars having a monocoque framework. It managed to get 200-300kg lighter compared to competition. That’s accurate innovation.

Citroën can perform luxury vehicles with top quality android vehicle stereo nevertheless – it’s only a different phrase. It could be relaxing, such as yachting. That’s the actual French which means of luxurious – it’ll be different from the actual German premium method of doing this. Depending about the project we’re focusing on, we from time to time ask the actual Citroën history team to create up among the old models that can come with vehicle dvd participant from the back catalog. We can’t generate them, however they do spend some time in the studio. There’s absolutely no greater motivation. ’

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