Clarke Focus Auto Scrubber

Clarke offers a complete line of auto scrubbers to fit any need or environment. With 6 mid-size models to choose from, all easy operating and efficient, it has never been easier to find a floor scrubber that is so versatile, dependable, and environmentally friendly. This equipment offered by Clarke provides increased capacity, longer running times and efficient solution control and usage.

The 6 mid-size models of Clarke auto scrubbers are: Focus II Mid Size BOOST 28 & 32, Focus II Mid Size Disc 26, 28 & 34, and the Focus II mid Size Cylindrical 28. Featured benefits found on each model include: ergonomically placed yellow palm buttons that control forward motion and start the brush motors and solution flow, onboard battery charger, urethane squeegee blades for longer wear, chemical resistance and quiet pick-up (no squeaking), adjustable squeegee knob, rear solution fill, large 23 gallon capacity solution and recovery tanks, gimble mounted brushes and pad drivers, large diameter foam-filled wheels for smoother, slip free operation and finally, a patented Pulse Modulated Solution Control system that offers a consistent and controlled application of solution.

In addition to the already listed attributes, each model has a one-touch control panel with ergonomically designed control for the ease and comfort of the operator. An optional off-aisle wand kit is offered that contains a telescoping wand for compact, convenient storage and allows the operator to clean an increased variety of areas and environments. Key safety features are included that assure the safety of the operator as well as the environment being cleaned. These features include a security key switch, safety yellow palm switches, thermal overload protection, and an excellent line of sight that reduces the likelihood of accidents. Each model also offers easy access to the battery compartment and the battery compartment has been designed to contain any liquid spills.

On the Clarke Focus II Mid Size BOOST models (28 & 32), floor finish can be removed without chemicals, eliminating the costs associated with pricey solutions and additional labor. This feature of the BOOST models is also incredibly environmentally friendly because chemicals are eliminated and the resulting environmental air quality is superior to those found where chemicals are used. The other nice feature of the BOOST models is the high speed agitation that offers superior cleaning performance and also has the ability to wet shine the floor which, in turn, reduces burnishing requirements.

Other features that make all 6 models of Clarke auto scrubbers environmentally friendly include: low sound level (65 decibels BOOST models), the conservation of solution due to precise measuring, onboard battery charger (contained spills), and solution and brush cut-off when machine is in neutral (energy saving feature).

Like any Clarke floor equipment or parts, there is a full line available for all of the Mid Size floor scrubbers including a complete line of squeegees, brushes and pads including BOOST wet screens for refinishing gym floors. Other accessories include a battery maintenance system, chemical mixing system kit, hour meter kit, squeegee blade kits, and the already mentioned off-aisle wand kit.

Overall, Clarke Mid Size auto scrubbers are a smart choice because of all of the versatility offered in the 6 model line. Clarke floor equipment and parts can be found locally with a trusted retailer or found online with reputable online stores.